How High Roller Bonuses – Vip bonus Work?

high roller bonusHigh roller bonuses or vip bonus are offered by a number of our online casinos. Essentially, our recommended online casino companies like to reward loyal customers. Therefore, many will offer exclusive bonuses and promotions to customers who make larger deposits into their accounts.
These promotions are sometimes one off promotions for new customers. For example, a deposit matching offer where the money you deposit is doubled by the company. Therefore, the bigger the amount of your initial deposit the more money you can be ‘given’ for free.
However, many of our casinos will extend this promotion. This is usually on a sliding scale and sometimes is not just deposit matching. For example, the website may offer a free bonus amount on the first deposit and a deposit match on the second.
An increasingly popular promotion amongst some of our casinos is a multiple deposit bonus such as deposit $10 and get $20 free. In addition, from time to time you will find a timed bonus where you are given a virtual betting bank and a time limit that is often one hour. At the end of the hour you are able to deposit your profits into your account for further game playing. Some websites will even offer you the opportunity to ‘reset’ your time if things are not going your way during the bonus earning period.
Most of our casinos will state the maximum amount of bonus achievable and some will also state the maximum amount of money that can be won using such bonuses.

vip bonusTerms & Conditions

It is essential that you read the terms and conditions of any casino website. It is very tempting to just tick the ‘agree to terms and conditions’ box without doing so but this may prove to make for a disappointing gaming experience.
All of our websites are reviewed and researched to ensure that they meet the highest standards of conduct and behavior. However, intelligent players have led to some costly experiences for some casinos. In the past players may have taken advantage of a generous bonus and then cashed it out immediately leading to a loss for the casino involved.
To prevent this from happening a number of measures have been put in place by all of our casino websites. This is to ensure fairness and transparency for all its players. Terms and conditions will vary between different websites but there are some common features to look out for when deciding on whether to take advantage of a bonus or not.
If a vip bonus has been awarded then the bonus ‘money’ is usually bet before any of your own real money balance is used. Most bonuses will require that the player deposits a minimum amount of money before any bonus winnings can be withdrawn.
It is pretty common practice for a bet multiple condition to be in place. This means that before any winnings are drawn from a bonus awarded then a certain amount of ‘money’ must have been bet. This is often expressed as a multiple. For example, you must place at least 100x the bonus amount before any winnings can be withdrawn from your account. It is also common practice to differentiate the multipliers depending on the game in question. So for example, bets made on a roulette game may be excluded from the calculation or you may need to bet at least 300x instead of 100x in order for the bonus to be available for withdrawal.
All of our casinos make their term and conditions readily available on the website and most have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support available should you wish to check anything out before you begin.


vip bonusWhen taking advantage of High Roller Bonuses or vip bonus, the most important tip is to make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions of the bonus. If you are unsure contact the friendly support staff of the casino you are using will be happy to answer any questions that you may have for them.
It is important to consider what your overall budget is whether you have a one-off big deposit in mind or a number of smaller deposits or regular deposits of a certain amount as required. Of course, some of the best bonuses are available to those who are looking to make larger deposits.
However, different promotions may suit different budgets and plans. For example, if you are looking to just make one large deposit than a single, larger deposit match or multiplier may be the best option for you. If you are looking to make a number of deposits than a promotion that offers a lower multiple but over a number of deposits may be more appropriate.
To find the best possible promotions and bonuses it is best to check back on the website as we regularly update the site to reflect our experiences and the best possible offers available. This is not a website where we have just set up the site without reviewing and updating it regularly for our visitors.


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