Baccarat online

Hands down one of the most popular casino games that has ever existed (and a casino game that has been around for at least as long as modern casinos have), baccarat is one of the most fast-paced, exciting, and ridiculously simple games to get into – and one that “whales” and high rollers absolutely love!
This is because the possibility to win big (really, really big) is always there in baccarat, with a major jackpot event happening with an almost alarming frequency. Of course, there’s always the possibility to break it big when you play baccarat – after all, that’s why casinos (online and off) as baccarat tables on the floor – but it’s the highs and lows that keep people coming back to the baccarat table time after time!
If you’ve been thinking about playing baccarat online, but really don’t know where to start, hopefully you’ll find the insider information contained below useful going forward.

Online baccarat play has exploded in popularity

As mentioned above, baccarat has always been one of the most popular casino games there are for a lot of different reasons. These reasons carry over to the online version of this game, making baccarat online one of the most popular online casino options that millions and millions of people are logging in to enjoy all over the world.
If you’ve been thinking about diving headfirst into the world of baccarat, but haven’t ever played, don’t worry. It’s a lot easier to pick up than you ever could have imagined – especially since there are really only three outcomes that can happen in strategy has such a small effect on the endgame.
Since it’s such a simple game to pick up, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to give it a try the next time that you log in. Don’t be shy about jumping in feet first and giving it a whirl!

baccarat-tableShould you start playing baccarat online?

Do you love fast-paced games with the potential to hit a jackpot almost every time out?
Do you love high table stakes, a pretty much binary option for winning and losing, and no real strategy necessary?
Are you ready to “put it all on The Player/The Banker” and see what Lady Luck has to offer you?
If so, you absolutely should start playing baccarat online!

Baccarat basics to help you win big online

Big-time gamblers, high rollers, and whales from all over the world absolutely love baccarat, and it’s so easy to see why.
For starters, the game is so easy to pick up it’s almost criminal. There are only two rounds of cards being dealt, only two hands total that will be dealt, and only three possible outcomes that can happen at the end of the match.
The Player will go head-to-head against The Banker, and anyone at the baccarat table will have the opportunity to bet on either of these two individuals or for a third possible outcome, bet on a “tie”.
After that has taken place two cards will be dealt to each of the two players, and the point value of those cards will be tallied up to see if anyone has exactly 8 points or exactly 9 points. If either of the two initial players have exactly 8 points or exactly 9 points they will be declared the winner, and if they both do a tie will be announced.
If neither of the two players have one of those combinations both of them will be dealt a single card more, unless they have exactly 6 points or exactly 7 points. In that case, they will be forced to “stand”, will not receive a card, and will have to go forward in the game with that total point calculation.
After the third card has been dealt, all points will be tallied up and the individual that has a point total closest to a score of nine will be declared the winner. This score can be over nine or under nine, and only has to be closest than the other to win out.
As you can see, this makes for a very fast-paced game, a very simple game to better, and an almost criminally easy game to clean up.
Sure, you’re going to want to make sure that you back the right guy (pre-deal, which is why this is such a luck-based game versus a strategy based one), but the odds are definitely not stacked against you – that’s for sure.


What kind of baccarat payouts can a player expect?

Like any other game, your payout is going to be determined completely by the amount of money that you bet at any one specific time while you’re playing baccarat.
However, baccarat games (online as well as off) are traditionally more high stakes games than others, and attract rather high table minimums.
This means that you’re going to have to have a bit of extra cash on hand (were deposited into your online casino account) to sit at a baccarat table for any amount of time, but also that you’re always going to have a chance to strike it big if you come out a winner.
Betting with The Player will net you more money than betting with The Banker (the house has a very slight edge in this almost binary decision – we are talking about an edge of just 1.06%, making it the safest bets in pretty much any casino around), and the actual Banker can expect to get even money – minus the “house fee”, of course.
Ties always payout at 8-1 or 9-1 depending upon how that particular casino is set up.

Tips for newbies to help them win at baccarat online

If you’re excited at the prospects of cleaning up at baccarat online (and who wouldn’t be), it’s a good idea to jump right in with both feet. Focus on the fundamentals and you’ll do just fine, and try to ignore or leave the more advanced baccarat strategies to the “professionals”.
Lady Luck plays a larger role in this than most people would ever assume.
On top of that, you’ll want to make sure that you always bet on the run if you’re lucky enough to find one. If a player seems like everything is going their way, sit on that heater as there’s a good chance that the good times are going to keep on rolling – at least for a little while longer.
You don’t want to miss out on that sweet action!

Final verdict

At the end of the day, baccarat is (and probably always will be one of the most fun casino games there are. Whether you’re playing online or even a traditional casino makes little difference – pay attention to the tips and tricks in this guide, and you’ll do just fine!