Bingo rules

You’re never too old to play bingo ans to learn bingo rules!
A favorite pastime for young children, young adults, middle-aged folks, and especially the elderly (they have a wild passion for the game), bingo is exactly the kind of game that you can easily get into – no matter whether you’re playing it in person with a whole bunch of friends and family members or online at any of the online gaming centers out there.
But, if for some crazy reason, you’ve never played bingo – or if you have never really understood the bingo goals and the bingo rules – we’re going to help you out with this quick guide.
By the time you’re finished with all of the inside information below (information that covers the basic bingo goals as well as some advanced tips and tricks you’ll want to keep up your sleeve), you’ll know how to play bingo like a pro – and clean house if there is ever any money on the line!
So what do you say about us getting right to the meat and the potatoes of this whole thing?
Ready to jump right in?
Let’s get to it!

bingo rules

Understanding of the major differences between bingo games

Before we start getting into many of the advanced strategies out there or specific bingo rules and tricks to accomplish all of your bingo goals, it’s important that you understand (right off the bat) that there are numerous different types of bingo out there – and you need to know exactly what you’re playing if you’re going to have any real success whatsoever.
Believe it or not, there are at least 10 or 15 different “flavors” of bingo out there in the world today, though most people play American bingo or UK/Australian bingo. People here in Canada usually play American bingo (it’s wildly popular across Canada – and obviously in the states), but when you are playing bingo online the odds are pretty good that you are going to come across the UK/Australian rules set at some point in time.
It’s critical that you identify exactly which type of bingo you are playing first, just so that you know how the rules are going to be set up.
If you are playing online, the odds are pretty good that the web service will tell you exactly which game you’re playing, but if they don’t list the type of game (and you’re playing on a Canadian server) it’s probably best that you assume you are playing by American rules.
If you are playing in person, you’re going to definitely want to make sure that you are aware of the type so that you make the right moves to accomplish your bingo goals going forward.

Breaking down US Bingo goals

In the United States, the whole objective of the game of bingo is to find a way to cover five squares on your card that are in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row.
Each row is made up of five spaces, and there are usually letters from the word bingo and a unique number randomly spread throughout each and every one of the rows and columns. The letters/numbers will correspond to 75 different balls that are placed in a bingo shuffler, and they will be pulled out one by one and announced to the crowd.
If you have five in a row (according to the rules of US bingo), you’ll be declared the winner if you shout out BINGO first!
Your card will then be verified, and if you are determined to be the winner you’ll be able to claim your prize and cash in. If you aren’t found to be the winner, everyone else will have the opportunity to keep playing while you may or may not be disqualified from competition for that particular round

bingo rules

Breaking down UK/Australian Bingo goals

If you are playing bingo in the UK or Australia (or according to that rules set), you aren’t going to have to come up with those five in a row combinations, but instead find a way to fill one, two, or all three of the individual lines that are on your bingo card.
These cards are different from the American cards in that they are three squares by nine squares in dimension (as opposed to the five rows of five as outlined above). Also, there are 90 balls (15 more than in the US game) that are going to be used to create these combinations.
You’ll also have the opportunity to win different levels of prices depending upon how many rows you are able to fill in. Obviously, the more rows you fill in, the better your prize is going to be!
Once you understand those differences, learning how to play bingo becomes a lot easier.

Setting up the game

If you are playing bingo online, you aren’t going to ever have to worry about setting up the game but you have to know bingo rules.
Instead, the online platform will do all of the heavy lifting for you, passing out a digital “bingo card” and assigning a computer to do all of the calling for the bingo numbers and letters that are popping out of this digital shuffler.
On the other hand, if you do decide to play in person, you’re going to need to make sure that you have these critical components before you get things going:

  • Blank bingo cards for everyone playing
  • Bingo chips or marketers to follow along
  • 75/90 bingo balls (depending upon your game style)
  • A shuffler
  • And a designated “caller” to call out bingo numbers and letters as they come out of the shuffler

If you have all of that in place, you’re going to be good to go and ready to get your bingo on!
From there, it is pretty simple and straightforward when you’re trying to figure out how to play bingo.
You pretty much dive headfirst into the game, listening to the caller (or following along on your screen), making sure that you are creating combinations that are going to give you the winning points.
It’s pretty much all luck (and next to no strategy), but it’s a lot of fun – especially if you’re playing for a little bit of money or some pretty cool prizes.