Bingo strategy

bingo strategy

If you, like millions and millions of people all over the world, have fallen head over heels in love with the game of bingo (the American version or the UK/Australian version makes no difference), you have probably begun to look for ways to come out on top and beat everyone else.
And even though they are a lot of people out there that fully believe that bingo is nothing more than a game of complete chance, and that there is no such thing as a bingo strategy, we would beg to disagree.
In fact, we would even go so far in saying that without a proper bingo strategy (any bingo strategy) you’re going to end up losing way more than you ever should.
With the right bingo strategy – the tips and tricks we are going to break down for you below – you’re going to have an almost unfair advantage going up against the people that you regularly compete with.
Those interested in dominating their local bingo game (or really crushing people in bingo online) are going to want to make sure that they pay close attention to the insider information contained in this bingo strategy guide.
There may be no way to “full proof” your ability to win time after time after time at bingo, but there are definitely some bingo strategy tips that you can put into play to boost the odds of you coming away a winner significantly.
Shall we jump right in?
Let’s get right to it!

Basic bingo strategy tips and tricks

While we are going to cover some slightly more advanced bingo strategy tips and tricks in just a moment, we want to make sure that we cover the basics before we get to anything even just a little bit complex.
One of the surefire ways to boost your odds of winning significantly (especially in a game that is built on the back of so much chance, so much luck, and so many different things that have to fall just right for you to pull it off) is to get into a bingo game where there are just a few people going after the top prize.
If you want to beat the house, beat the bank, and take-home that top prize, you’re going to want to try and get in on bingo games that aren’t all that jampacked.
Obviously, this is a little bit easier said than done for sure, but if it takes you a little bit of time to hunt around for a bingo game that isn’t elbow to elbow it’s going to be well worth it in the long run. We’re talking about being able to boost our chances at winning by 30% or more when there are only a handful of people playing.
You have to like those odds!
Unfortunately, there is a downside to this specific bingo strategy.
You see, a lot of jackpots for bingo are set and determined based on the amount of people that are playing the game. Sometimes these jackpots are built entirely out of the “price of admission”, so if there are only a handful of people in attendance there really isn’t going to be all that money left in the pot for the winner to take home.
With less bingo cards sold (or fewer tickets for admission that are granted), the take-home you’re going to get when – and if – you actually grab the top spot is going to be dramatically reduced.
It’s definitely something that you’re going to want to strategy

More advanced bingo strategy tips and tricks

If you’re looking for a bit of slightly advanced bingo strategy to put into play, you’re going to want to consider playing multiple bingo cards at a time. As many as a half a dozen or more, if you are able to.
The more cards you play, the more random combinations of numbers and letters you’ll have. This instantly increases your odds of winning significantly, giving you the opportunity to play multiple combinations off of one another and boosting your odds of coming away with that top prize.
Sure, it’s going to cost a bit extra to play multiple cards at once (and almost bingo go games out there limit the number of total cards a player can use at one time), but depending upon the final jackpot this all may be well worth the extra investment.
On top of that, you’re going to need to make sure that you are razor-sharp about listening to the numbers that are called and marking them off on each of your cards. Miss one number on one card and you could be looking at a serious mistake that might cost you everything.
Not only that, but missing that one number may cause you to freeze up and lock up, which in turn could have a snowball effect that completely destroys your chances of winning on ANY of your cards going forward.
This is not a position that you want to find yourself in!

Playing bingo online

The only real advanced bingo strategy that works when you are playing this game online is buying as many bingo cards as you are able to and playing them all at once in the same game.
Thankfully, it’s a lot easier to go with this specific strategy when you’re playing online, just because of the computer does most of (actually, all of) the heavy lifting for you when it comes to marking up your card.
All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the system run its course – either allowing you to win at that bingo game or sending you packing with no prize money whatsoever.
Obviously, it’s a little bit less exciting and a bit anti-climactic when compared to live and in person bingo, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use the same bingo strategy tips and tricks from above when you decide to go the digital route.
They’ll work just as well when you are playing against and with the computer, so make sure that you leverage that moving forward.