Free Craps

It’s difficult to practice playing craps. Craps is a fairly complicated betting game, and a craps table is large and has a great deal of information on it. Most people learn about playing craps by reading the rules, but it can be difficult to picture all the betting options in your head. When you play craps at a casino, the stickman who controls the craps table will know every nuance of the game, so it’s impossible for you to make a mistake or get the wrong idea about the rules. That won’t help you to learn the game as much as playing free craps online will.

Stickmen Aren’t Tutors

Stickmen in a live casino don’t have the time or the inclination to give you a craps lesson. The only lessons you’ll learn in a casino will be learned the hard way, by losing. That’s why trying free online craps before you gamble your own money is such a great idea. Playing free craps lets you see exactly how the dice rolls affect the wagers, and lets you work on betting strategies that can make you a big winner. Free craps lets you pause for a moment and think about what you’re doing, instead of being rushed like you would be with a dozen or more people crowded around the craps table.

Some of the thrill of participating in casino games is the pressure that builds when money is on the line, and time is of the essence. But losing over and over to learn a game like craps is never thrilling. That’s why you should try free craps online before you start wagering your own money.

free craps

How to Play Craps

Looking at a craps table for the first time can be confusing. The terms marked out on the surface are unfamiliar, and the different numbers don’t give you any indication about what has to happen with the dice to win your bet. Once you know the rules, the game itself won’t seem hard, and any complexity will be reserved for very unusual proposition bets, not normal craps gameplay. Here’s how craps works.

The Come Out Roll

The shooter is given two dice by the stickman who runs the table. The shooter must place a bet on the Pass line or the Don’t Pass line, and other may bet, too. The shooter’s first roll is called a Come Out Roll. If he rolls 2, 3, or 12, everyone loses their Pass line bets and the round is over. Bets on the Don’t Pass line act as the opposite of Pass bets, so a losing roll pays.

If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the come out roll, he immediately wins and any bets on the Pass line are paid out. If the shooter rolls any other numbers, that number is called the Point, and the stickman puts a marker on that number on the field of play. The shooter then tries to roll the Point number again before rolling a 7.

Bets After the Come Out

Additional bets can be placed at any time. The shooter and others can add to Pass line and Don’t Pass line bets, usually offered at odds. Come and Don’t Come bets can be made, acting like Pass and Don’t Pass bets, but intended for rolls after the original Come Out roll. You can place bets on single numbers to be rolled before a 7 is rolled. Field Bets wins if 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11 are rolled next. If a 3, 4, 9, or 11 is rolled you win even money. A roll of 2 or 12 wins your bet at 2:1 odds. There’s a section on the table called Hardways, where bets can be laid that certain unusual combinations of dice will come up before a 7 is rolled, each of which pays different amounts of odds, many very high.

Craps Has Friendly Odds for a Player That Knows the Rules

With all the different ways there are to bet on craps, it can be a very lively game. It’s very fast-paced, and each roll can affect multiple bets in multiple ways, so it pays to understand the rules thoroughly before you risk a lot of money on it. Craps is one of the more generous games in the casino, with the edge to the house being very small. That edge can be very big if you’re unsure of the rules, especially how to lay one bet after another that can have a big reward for a small wager.

Table GamesFree Craps Prepares You for Real Gameplay

That’s why playing free craps online is invaluable to learn the game thoroughly. Many books and articles have been published that outline the various odds and probabilities of every roll and wager. Even if you memorize these odds, it doesn’t prepare you to use your knowledge effectively when a live craps game is really rolling. The odds and probabilities also affect one another when wagers are laid that work in different ways, and it’s possible to place wagers that act as a kind of insurance on bets you’ve already got on the table. Only by seeing the craps game and the table in full, and playing enough rounds to place multiple bets and see how they turn out, will you truly learn the game.

Learn to Tune Out Distractions By Playing Free Craps

Free craps played online is the best way to learn the rules, but the benefits of free online craps don’t end there. A free craps game is played at the same virtual table at the online casino as a live game with real bets. In additional to learning the game, you’ll become accustomed to all the information that’s on the screen while you’re playing. There’s always a great deal of useful information that you might overlook or misunderstand on the screen. Free craps practice also will keep you from being distracted by unimportant details while you’re playing.

Free Craps Helps You Enjoy Learning to Play

Craps is a fun and exciting table game, and free craps makes learning it just as much fun as playing for real money. With the pressure off, you can relax and enjoy your practice, and you’ll be much more likely to enjoy yourself even more when you place your real bets, roll the dice, and the virtual stickman pushes your winning chips across the table for you.