Craps Strategy

craps strategyCraps is a very mathematical game. While luck enters into it, as it does with any game that requires the roll of the dice, there isn’t any bluffing like there is in poker. That makes understanding the rules of the game the best craps strategy you can have. In addition to learning the rules of craps, knowing the probability of any particular dice roll, and understanding the value of odd when calculating the risk and reward of any particular bet can turn you into a regular winner at the craps table.

Limiting Your Losses Is an Important First Step

Good craps strategy starts with limiting your losses. Many people make the mistake of gambling on craps with money that they can’t afford to lose. This can lead to a feeling of desperation if the money begins to dwindle, and a losing bettor can become anxious and start doubling their bets after losses, trying to recoup their money in one or two passes. It’s a much smarter craps strategy to begin with a bankroll that you consider expendable. That’s good advice for any game at a casino, but it’s particularly important at the crap table. In the same way that a poker player that falls far in the hole can easily be bluffed by another card player that’s ahead, falling behind at the craps table can make you chase big payoffs to make up for lost ground, and get wiped out in the process.

Win Money With the Casino’s Money if You Can

Smart craps strategy is to calmly assess the amount of money that you’re able to lose, but never think of it as money you’re willing to lose. A better way to think of your stake is money that you’re willing to risk in order to win even more. Thinking of your stake as expendable leads to thinking you’re not losing until it’s all gone. Winning craps strategy relies on playing with the casino’s money as quickly as possible. That means limiting your losses on individual bets until you’re ahead. Then you can press your advantage with high reward proposition bets without worrying about losing your stake entirely.

The House Has the Advantage. Make it Smaller

In any game in the casino, he house has the edge, and craps is no exception. Doubling your bets after losing wagers is a recipe for disaster, but so it doubling them on winning bets. While craps payouts are exceptionally high for wagering games, in the long run, the casino has the advantage. A craps strategy that has you wagering the casino’s money instead of your own is always the best. If you were to walk away from the craps table with nothing but your original stake, you’re still ahead of the vast majority of gamblers.

The Best Craps Strategy Uses Odds to Amplify Winnings

No matter how lucky you are you can’t eliminate the house’s edge. What a winning craps strategy offers is to make the house edge as small as possible, and then know when to leave the table with your winnings. Even if you’re getting 100 to 1 odds on your bets, the house enjoys a tiny advantage. That advantage is a small fraction of the house advantage on a straight pass line bet, so use odds to increase your chances.

craps strategy

Use the Don’t Pass Line to Increase Your Odds

It’s human nature to want to root for things instead of against things. This is especially true at a craps table, where the person throwing the dice is looking right at you. Putting a bet on the Don’t Pass line can rub some shooters the wrong way, but it’s a winning craps strategy. The Don’t Pass line offers about one quarter of one percent better odds than the Pass Line. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you’re a dedicated craps player, you’re trying to make many bets and win with a long-term strategy, not one or two rolls.

Use Good Etiquette When Using the Don’t Pass Line

If you’re worried about the appearance of betting against everyone’s rolls at the table, make sure to bet against your own rolls when it’s your turn as the shooter. It’s a great icebreaker, and shows your strategy isn’t personal. No matter what you do, don’t make a big deal about betting against other people. Just place your bets and collect your winnings quietly. Jumping up and down when someone loses is never a friendly gesture.

Make Small Bets Until You’re Up a Little

A good opening craps strategy is to bet on the Don’t Pass line at first, or the Pass Line if you’re too shy to bet against other shooters. Make small bets, and wait until you’ve increased your stake by twenty percent or so. Let’s say you’re at a $5 minimum table, with a $100 stake. Bet $5 on each bet until you get to $120. Then keep your bet at $5, but once the Point is determined, add another $5 for an odds bet. If you win, take the original Line bet off the table, take your $5 odds bet off the table, and bet the odds payout. Keep pressing in the same way until you can’t get your odds any higher.

By removing your original bets from the table, you ensure that your original stake is not only whole, but also growing. By removing any additional opening bets from the table in the same manner, you continue to increase your original stake while you’re increasing the odds on the bets you’re making with the casino’s money. By continually pressing the odds, you’re increasing payouts and minimizing the house’s advantage. That way, if you hit on a long odds bet, you’ll actually be a big winner, and even if you lose, you’re playing with other people’s money. That’s always the best craps strategy.