Online Keno

Gambling games have been into the market for a very long time. With the online casino facility, gamblers from around the world can now enjoy the different casino games and gambling games right from their home, with the comfort of their home atmosphere. One of the most popular games that are being played from the ancient times is Keno. The game has its origin in China and is almost 2000 years old. Because of the huge benefits that you will be able to get when you play the game in the online casinos rather than the brick and mortar casinos, the popularity of this game has only increased with every passing day. Although this lottery game has had many players across the world, with the facility to play it with real money at these online casinos, it has become even more popular.

Keno is a very easy to play and easy to understand online casino game, unlike most other casino games that require skill to excel in them. No doubt that has been a consistent reason for this game to have such loyal players, who never stop playing this game at the many online casinos and gambling sites.


How to play Keno ?

If easy online casino games are what you are looking for, then online Keno is the game that you must choose. You do not have to know about the bets and the tricks. Just like any other lottery game, this is also a lottery game with both the short and long hands. As you play online, an online ticket board will be featured on your computer screen flashing 80 numbers in total. The goal is to strategically calculate up to 20 of the numbers from this ticket board.

As you have selected 20 numbers from this bingo-like Keno game sheet, you will need to click the start button, unlike the real land-based casinos, where the sheet had to be returned and validated.

As the game starts, 20 random numbers will be selected by the computer generated system and the task of the player is to check how many of the 20 selected numbers get chosen by the game. The more your numbers match, the more you will be winning. Sometimes, if you match absolutely no numbers, then also you have a chance to win an amount, while playing Keno.

Payouts and odds

Keno is a game that has varying payouts and odds. When you are playing this game, you will be allowed to place a wager for up to 15 of the numbers that you have chosen. The amount typically varies within $1, $3 and also $5. Since you do not have to wage a huge amount of money, it is always better to choose this game for you. The more is the number that matches with your selected numbers on the ticket board, the more you will be winning. Different casinos offer different payouts for the numbers that match. You need to check these payout amounts beforehand.

The online Keno odds and probabilities need to be known and understood beforehand. A player guessing the amounts of numbers on a 20 spot ticket has different odds. Depending on these odds, the payouts differ to a great extent. If you picked only 1 number and matched that one, the odds will be 1 in 4. Picking 2 numbers and matching 2 will have an odd of 1 in 17. Thus, picking 10 numbers and matching 0 of them has an odd of 1 in 22 and matching 10 of them will have an odd of 1 in 8,911,712.

Tips of playing keno

kenoKeno is a game of pure chance and co-incidence. Strategic gamblers will have to be disappointed as they will not be able to statistically calculate the numbers that are most likely to be selected, when the game round continues. You will have to try your will power and play at random. Since every ball that comes up has 1 in 80 chances of being drawn, it is very likely that the 15 out of 20 numbers chosen by you will be selected from a varied spread of the numbers on your ticket board. Since, the numbers that have already been chosen have no impact on the upcoming numbers; it can in no way help you in making a strategy.

If you are still looking for some helpful strategies, you can always:

  • Choose lucky numbers, as they might turn out to be lucky for you.
  • Choose the maximum amount of numbers you can. This will increase your chances of matching the numbers more and more times.

Where to play keno online ?

Since the purpose of playing online casino games is also winning big deals along with having fun, it is always useful that you choose those casinos that offer huge time bonus. For playing online Keno, Spin Palace Casino offers $1000 bonus, the Royal Vegas Online Casino offers $1200 bonus and Ruby Fortune Casino offers $750 bonus. However, Spin Palace Casino offers 97.59% payout for an average payout time of 12 hours, Royal Vegas Online Casino offers 96.34% payout for an average payout time of 2 days and Ruby Fortune Casino offers 97.49% payout for an average payout time of 12 hours.

Keno variations

There are different variations of online Keno. Players can choose as many as 20 numbers in a 20 spot ticket or less than 10 in a 10 spot ticket. If you are playing Power Keno, your winnings will be quadrupled, if you match the 20th drawn number. If you are playing Super Keno, your winnings will be quadrupled, if you match the 1st drawn number. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can play Combination Keno, where you will be able to select different groups of numbers.


If you are looking for easy to understand and easy to play games then this is the one for you. Although Keno sometimes involves extremely heavy mathematics and statistics to calculate the odds, if you want to play it for pure fun and excitement, there is no better option than this one. You can always choose the big-time and jackpot paydays for maximum winnings.