Keno rules should be understood if you want to win

Keno is one such game that has been around for quite some time, in one form or the other. It was more than two thousand years ago when the one of the first version of this game was played. Then, it was played by local leaders in China in order to raise money. Since then, the game has kept evolving and has now turned into what is recognized as Keno nowadays. However, the appeal of Keno has always has been the same. The fact that the players have a chance of winning massive amounts by making relatively small wagers is the most appealing aspect of this game. In fact, the payouts can actually be life changing. Nowadays, online keno is the most popular way of playing keno whereby people can try their luck in the game through the comfort of their home. Online Keno rules are simplest that you can find. Still, you must have a clear knowledge of the rules if you want to win.keno rules

There is no difficulty in learning how to play keno. Playing keno is pretty much similar to lottery. It is very much like picking numbers from a ticket of lottery. The difference lies that in keno, you don’t need to wait nearly as long as in lottery to get the results. Also, it seems that winning in keno is relatively easier than in lottery, however that is not the actual case. Regardless, keno rules are not much different from lottery rules, you simply have to choose your numbers and then watch the balls being drawn.

Your win or loss depends on the numbers you choose. More your selected numbers come up, more you win at the game. Yes, basic keno rules are indeed as simple as that. This is why keno is considered as one of the most straightforward games that can be found in an online casino. No doubt it is a crowd favorite and it is going to remain so for quite some time in future.

Rules of keno

The rules of playing keno can be summarized in three simple steps. If you want to know how to play keno, these are the best to know the basic rules of the game. These steps are:
You have to choose numbers in the range of 1 to 80 in a regular keno game. You cannot choose more than 10 numbers and you have to choose a minimum of three numbers.

 Then, you need to choose the amount of money you want to play for every bet. The range of betting is quite wide in online keno sites. As per keno rules, you can choose to play for as much as $100 or maybe more than that. You can even play merely for a few cents.

You also have to choose the rounds you want to play for. In this aspect, there is no limit as per the number of rounds you want to play. You are allowed to play as many rounds with the same number as you want.

Making your wager

Making wager is an important aspect of online keno rules. Every player starts with one keno card. Keno card is simply a little piece of paper that has 10×8 grid. These grids contain all the numbers starting from one to eighty. It acts as the tool that can be used for making your wagers. You are allowed to choose different numbers from them, known as spots. However, the amount of numbers you are allowed to choose varies from one operator to another. Most of the casino allows you choose anywhere from one to a maximum of fifteen spots.

Limits are obviously applicable when it comes to online keno rules. And likewise, this limit varies with operators. With the limits known, you simply need to fill in the spots you wish to play for and you can ignore others. Then you have to record the size of your wager and write down the total number of spots you are playing. You might not use pencil or pen for completing this card in a live casino, you need to use just the black keno crayons which are supplied by the house.

Registering your completed keno card is the next step of how to play keno. After you pay for your bet, you shall receive a duplicate ticket. The casino shall announce that no more bets are being accepted by them after a specific time has passed. Typically, the betting period lasts merely for five minutes. After this time period has passed, the time comes for the results and too sees who has won and who hasn’t. For this, casino makes use of a device known as the goose. It is a spinning barrel containing eight numbered balls from one to eighty. While mentioning keno rules, it is important to specify that twenty balls of the eighty balls are drawn at random. It is very much similar to the drawing of lottery on TVs. The results of the draw and made public and is usually displayed on a digital flashboard. The entire process is very simple and fast. Moreover, this process can be repeated several times a day. This means that you have many chances for playing and thus winning.


Since keno is more a game of chance, keno rules do not actually determine your payout. Your payout is dependent on the amount of numbers you choose, and how many of them are correct. One great aspect of keno is that a wager of just one dollar can win you a prize of as much as $50,000 in certain casinos. This is certainly quite impressive for any game whatsoever, let alone a casino game.

However, it is also true that keno has one of the highest house edges and statistically, players are more likely to lose at keno than on any other game. Having said that there are always some lucky players who hit the top prizes independent of the house edge. So, having known the keno rules, it is totally up to you to decide whether you want to try your luck or not.