Keno strategy and tips that can be helpful during the game

Keno is a game that is much similar to a lottery and it is highly popular in both online and offline casinos. Being similar to lottery, this game stands somewhere in between lottery and a typical casino. The reason behind its popularity include huge jackpots and high payouts. It is more played in online casinos as compared to land based casinos. This is because much better payout is offered in online casinos. However, it still remains a game of chance. While there is no keno strategy that is proven, there are still some strategies and tips that can improve the chances of winning of a player.

As it is a combination of lottery and casino games, many people claim that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to make you more successful in playing keno. Indeed, as a matter of fact, this is quite relevant and a lot of truth lies in the statement. Although, at the same time, it is also true that your decisions have quite an impact on the game and your winnings are dependent on it. There is no optimum strategy that one can follow while playing this game. All the betting systems that have been developed around this game are actually worthless. This however does not mean that you cannot do anything for influencing your fate. There are certain tips that you can follow and keep in mind while playing the game. These can be helpful and may improve your chances to win.

keno strategy

Finding a casino having best maximum payout

As mentioned before much higher percentage of payout is offered by online casinos as compared to the land based counterparts. However, the maximum keno payout also varies from an online casino to another. So it is wise to go for a casino featuring highest payout percentage. This is the best way for decreasing house edge. This is probably the best online keno strategy. The payout percentage of a casino can be viewed directly on the website. By law, all casinos have to publish this particular information.

Before playing for real money, play for free

A free play option is provided by most of the online casinos. This means that you can practice for free and meanwhile perfecting your skills. You can also check whether a strategy works or not absolutely free of cost. Through this, you can get an insight to keno. You can start playing for real money after you gain enough practice and knowledge about the game.

Not picking too many numbers

Another great tip for the game is that you should not pick more than five to six numbers at once. This is because more the numbers you pick, the odds of winning are lesser. Keno players have a tendency to pick more and more numbers thinking that chances of winning will improve in this way. However, it is actually not true and you should pick five or six numbers for maximizing your chances of winning.

Picking consecutive numbers

Picking merely a few numbers out of the eighty numbers that are on board is definitely not easy. When it comes to this aspect, you should try to pick consecutive numbers while you think about the options. Players of keno, lottery and bingo have noticed that it is quite often that consecutive numbers come up. Thus it is seemingly a good strategy for the game. While playing casino games, you should also look for patterns as it is a good way for checking the fairness of the game.

Picking numbers that has not come up in a while

One keno strategy that is certainly helpful is picking the numbers that has not come up for quite some time. This seems to be a much better approach as compared to picking numbers that have come out recently, even though players have a tendency to pick numbers that have just come out thinking that this will be drawn again soon. Even though it is the random number generator that determines outcomes of the games, it is quite surprising that this strategy produces great results in the longer run.

Choosing lucky numbers and sticking by them

Keno players generally choose few numbers which according to them are lucky. Different players consider different numbers as their lucky numbers. Whichever numbers you choose for yourself, it is highly advised that you stick to them as long as you continue playing. This might be a proven strategy or anything like that, but numerous players have deployed this strategy and improved their bankrolls.

Using multi-race cards

Multi-race cards are offered to keno players by a majority of online casinos. With these cards, players are allowed to select numbers of their choice only once in the virtual ticket. This ticket can be used for a number of games. Not only is using multi-race cards a good strategy, it also saves quite some time, especially if you are a regular player of the game. This way you don’t have to pick the numbers over and over again.

Knowing yourself

While it is particularly not a keno strategy, it is extremely advisable that you know the reason why you are playing the game. If it is a game you enjoy, then no matter you win or lose, you will always be having good playing time. You should play with a reasonable betting limits. Keep playing consistently and hope that you get lucky. After all, keno is indeed a game of chance. Having said that, if you are playing the game solely with the purpose of making profit, you should try to avoid the game as you will have more chances of losing huge amounts.

House of edge of keno is around 30%, which makes it one of the worst bets on online casino. However, this does not stop players from trying out their luck. There is no strategy that can guarantee a jackpot win, rather it is highly unlikely. But, if luck is by your side, you never know you might win huge price by investing very less.