Online roulette

There’s just something almost mesmerizing about a game of roulette.
It’s not at all uncommon to find roulette tables and traditional casinos absolutely jampacked with players (and spectators), each and every one of them focusing intently on that tiny little white marble as it bounces around the roulette wheel.

However, unsurprisingly to most, a lot of the roulette play today isn’t taking place at a traditional casino or in a back room behind some speakeasy – it’s being played online!
Millions and millions of people (right here in Canada and all over the world) are getting into online roulette more and more each day, and with each spin of the roulette wheel people are winning – and losing – fortunes!
If you have ever wanted to jump headfirst into this exciting game, but aren’t easily able to get to a casino on a regular basis (for any variety of reasons), you may want to consider checking out online roulette yourself and giving it a shot.
After all, you only live once – and you might find that a bit of roulette online is the perfect way to spend a little bit of time and a little bit of money!

Here are just a few fundamental things you want to know about roulette (and online roulette specifically), all of it collected in an effort to help you become a better roulette player and one that wins more often than you lose!
Let’s get right to it.

Before you do absolutely anything, learn the fundamentals of the game

Too terribly many people out there try and dive headfirst into roulette without understanding the basics of the game, and then wonder why they are losing their shirt consistently at roulette online – usually blaming the whole thing on “the system being rigged” rather than taking responsibility for the fact that they don’t even understand the fundamentals.
Don’t let that happen to you.
Even though roulette seems pretty simple and straightforward on the surface (and really, at its root color, it really is pretty simple and straightforward), you have to be at least a little bit foolish not to try and understand everything you can about the game before you throw down any money whatsoever.
The first thing that you’ll want to understand is how to place a bet, and a second thing that you’ll want to know is how you win.
Let’s start off with the betting process.
Before the roulette wheel is spun and of Marvel introduced into the equation, all bets need to be placed.
You’ll have the opportunity to place bets on a number of different “spaces”, each of which will represent a different type of bet – with different types of odds.
For instance, you could decide to bet on red or black, even or odd numbers, or the low side or high side of the wheel – in each of those bets would return a 1:1 payout (on a 47% chance of hitting it).
You’d also have the opportunity to bet on a single number which would have a payout of 35:1 – but you only have a 3% chance of hitting that (it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum).
There are a whole bunch of other betting opportunities that you’ll have the chance to try out – including betting on a dozen numbers, a column of numbers, a “package deal” of different numbers, etc. – and each of them require a bit of thought before the wheel is spun.
Once all bets are placed, the wheel will begin to spin and a white marble will be introduced into the wheel. That marble is going to bounce around from number to number, color to color, up, down, and every which way until the wheel finally stops spinning – and marble is left in one specific space.
If it hits any of the areas that you have bet on, you’ll be declared a winner!

rouletteThe actual online roulette process

Now, the roulette process online is pretty much just as close to the “real deal” as possible, with just a few minor changes.
Obviously, when you are playing online roulette you weren’t going to be able to physically place your bets, to physically watch the wheel spin or the marble bounces around, and you aren’t going to be able to watch or feel the crowd as that little object comes to a rest somewhere – anywhere – on the wheel.
But other than that, the roulette online experience is pretty close to identical.
You’ll be asked to place your bet in a digital lobby of sorts, and once everyone who is playing on that digital roulette table has placed their bet (of which there can be hundreds or even thousands of players a single time in the same game), a digital roulette wheel will pop up and the process will begin.
Once the digital white marble comes to a rest somewhere winners will be declared, the losers will be bounced, and people will have almost instant access to their winnings.

Is it worth playing roulette online today?

You had better believe that it is!
Today, roulette makes up for a significant amount of wagers being placed and a significant amount of winnings that are earned at online casinos all over the world – but especially here in Canada.
It seems that Canadians are pretty much hooked on roulette online, and they aren’t going to shake it any time soon!
If you are trying to figure out whether or not you should even start to play online roulette it’s probably a good idea to start off playing on the “free to play” tables that are available pretty much everywhere, just to get a feel for the mechanics of the game.
In this way, you’ll be able to understand the process of placing wagers, of watching the wheel, and of winning (or losing) before you ever have actual money on the line – a significant advantage that you’ll want to put into play just as soon as you can.
So give it a shot – get out there, play a bit of online roulette for free, and then head over to a table with a bit of money on the line…
… And don’t be surprised if you come out of it a big-time winner!