Roulette rules

There is just something about roulette that keeps people coming back to the tables time after time, year after year, and in greater numbers it seems than ever before.
It has more than enough of that “old lost Vegas” mystique, but even more it has the kind of history and elegance that stretches all the way back to the 17th century. It’s almost like this amazing little wheel and that tiny little white marble are a time machine, sucking us back into the past.
But more than that, the roulette wheel and it’s rather simplistic betting strategy has always offered an opportunity to cash in big time – if only we can appropriately protect where that little white marble is going to end up on the wheel.
If you have always wanted to figure out how to get into the game of roulette, but weren’t sure of where to begin, hopefully this quick guide of roulette rules and roulette fundamentals gives you the kind of springboard you need to dive headfirst into the action next time you visit a casino.
So what are we waiting for?
Here we go!

Understanding the fundamental rules of roulette will determine absolutely everything

roulette rulesThere are a lot of games at the casino (online or traditional) that seem ridiculously simple and straightforward on the surface, but are actually rather complex and confusing – and they are created that way on purpose.
You see, if people think a game is ridiculously simple and straightforward, they aren’t going to take the time out of their day to learn the rules, to learn the basics, and to learn the fundamentals. They are going to convince themselves that they *already* understand those details, and that they are going to walk in and clean house.
But that’s what The House is banking on, and that’s why they usually win.
Do not let yourself get sucked into that kind of thinking when it comes time to learn the fundamentals and rules of roulette.

Roulette basics

The first thing that you’ll want to understand about this amazing game is that it’s all built on the back of a little wheel and a tiny little marble.
The wheel is going to have 36 numbers (occupying 36 spaces) and a zero on its own space – with some American-style roulette wheels including a second 00 space (bringing the total to 38).
A man known as a croupier is going to be responsible for spinning the wheel and then introducing a tiny little white marble that will bounce around on the surface of the roulette wheel until it comes to its final resting place on one set of numbers.
From there, there are any different number of ways that a player could have won a bet – with a number of different “outside bets” and “inside bets” available to pick and choose from.
Let’s get into that right now!

Inside bets are where you make your money

Now that you have a bit of fundamental information about roulette rules, it’s time to focus in on strategy, tips, and tricks that will help you maximize your winning at the table.
First of all, you’re going to want to look into placing inside bets if you have the opportunity – and the stomach – for it.
Inside bets (bets that are placed on specific numbers) have the opportunity to return a fantastic jackpot should you actually have that bet deliver, with specific numbers – also known as straight up betting – paying out at 35:1.
Not too shabby for just a single spin of the wheel, right?
There are other inside bets that you might want to look into, including the split betting (choosing two numbers that pay 17:1), a street (choosing three numbers that pays out at 11:1), a bunch of combination that’s, and even a “five number” bet in American-style roulette that pays out at 6:1.

Outside bets are definitely safer

As far as the rules of roulette go, outside bets are considerably safer than inside bets – though they are no guarantee of you walking away a winner.
These bets include:

  • Betting on red or black (pays at 1:1)
  • Betting on and even or odd numbers (again, payout at 1:1)
  • Betting on an entire column (paying out at 2:1)
  • Betting on a dozen different numbers (2:1)

And that pretty much sums it up.
Obviously, the real money making comes when you decide to throw down and inside bet, but most people just don’t have that kind of confidence in a single spin of the wheel to anticipate pulling it off.
Outside bets can still be a lot of fun (especially when you’re talking about 2:1), doubling your money just like that!

Don’t just focus on roulette rules once you’ve got a bit of experience

Once you have the basics under your belt, it’s time to really start looking at the odds of winning, strategies for betting and timing your bets the right way, and doing everything you can to maximize your time in further croupier at the roulette table.
Obviously, these aren’t exactly the things that you’re going to pick up “just like that”, but instead by playing the game over and over again and really trying to figure out how to beat the little wheel.
Honestly, it’s really a lot easier than it seems on the surface, and the odds matrix is nowhere near as difficult or as complex as the one you’d find with most other table games – especially those that involve cards.
Hopefully you’ll take the time to learn these odds alongside the rules of roulette, and really try to focus on a handful of betting strategies that you view a bit of an edge and advantage.
This is the kind of game that you can have a world of fun playing, but also one that can beat you up left and right if you don’t take it seriously. Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into, follow the roulette rules in the early going, and do whatever you can to master this game – and your betting strategies – and before you know it you’ll be cleaning up.