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Playing Free Video Poker online is great fun especially when you are playing on the best online casino Canada has to offer. You will find some of the best online video poker players in the country on this website as a result.
Finding the best online casinos for playing poker is easy when you visit This page is dedicated to finding you the best and most popular sites. You will also find some of the best promotions and bonuses available not just in Canada but throughout the world.
Our online video poker casinos boast amazing graphics and sounds that make you feel like you are really in a live casino environment. Some of them have real live action and dealers rather than a computer generated game interface. This really brings the action to life and makes it a truly interactive experience.
The variety of free video poker available on our recommended websites is vast with well over 100 between them.
All of our games have full support available for both playing the games as well as any other issues you might encounter. Most of them have support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even those that do not offer support from the majority of the day and evening ensuring that most problems are quickly resolved.
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free video poker

Poker Games

Our recommended online Video Poker sites have a wide variety of free video poker for you to play. All hands played, with very few exceptions, will contain five cards. The aim of any poker game is to develop the strongest combination of cards in order to win the round. This is achieved by swapping cards from the original hand with others when the opportunity arises. The amount of money that you bet depends on how strong you feel your hand is against your opponents cards. The highest ranking combination is the winner of the money that has been bet on the hand.
If you are unfamiliar with the game of poker in general many of our recommended websites have the option to have a fun play or trail play where no actual money, or virtual money, is used when playing. This is also sometimes referred to as practice playing. This means that none of your own money is ever at risk and gives you a chance to get familiarized with the game in a risk free manner.
Many of our casinos have other fun features such as an Auto Play and/or Auto Bet function. The auto play/bet function enables you to set a few criteria such as betting amount and let computer automatically play the game on your behalf. You can either watch the game unfold or if things begin to go against you then you can intervene and turn of the auto play feature at the click of a button.
There are numerous styles of poker game available through including many of the most popular formats such as Bonus Poker Deluxe, 3 Card Poker, Jacks or Better and Lucky Draw poker to name just a few of them.

Peace of Mind when Gaming

With all the excitement of playing our video poker games it is important that you do not get carried away and spend more money that you intended to when you started.
Luckily, many of our websites have a number of features that protect you a little from overspending. For example, some of our websites have a maximum deposit limit. In addition, funding your account is not as simple as clicking a simple top-up button you have to enter the amount that you wish to fund and other details to process your deposit.
When you do deposit money into your casino account then it is worthwhile using a credit card where possible or even PayPal if this is offered. The reason being that purchases made in certain forms automatically give you some level of protection. Although, of course all of our recommended casinos are perfectly safe and trustworthy.
All of our online video poker casinos adhere to strict guidelines and many are members of associations that have codes of practice in order to protect players. These include associations such a COGRA & GambleAware. It is worthwhile visiting some of these association websites as well as the terms and conditions of the actual websites themselves.
You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your money and your gaming experience are safe with all of casinos. Financial transactions are all processed securely, the option of practice play and the codes of conduct adhered to by our online video poker casinos combine to give a stress free, fun packed gaming experience.

Why use our recommended sites?

We do not just recommend any video poker online casino website. We conduct through research on the sites that we recommend and ensure that all of them meet a number of criteria. We look for customer reviews, membership of associations, money processing facilities and site security amongst a number of other factors.
We want our Canadian visitors to have the best possible gaming experiences and therefore we also research to find the best possible verified promotions and bonuses available to give our players the best possible value for money.
We don’t just put a casino website up and leave it there. We regularly review not only featured casinos but other ones that we discover. By keeping our website up to date with the latest and best Canadian casinos you can be assured that the best gaming experience, bonuses and promotions are available to you. All this without spending countless hours searching multiple sites for the same information.
So why not explore the high quality free video poker games recommended on now. You could be experiencing the thrills of live action poker playing in a matter of minutes and may even win big money with a little skill and luck in your favor.