Video Poker Strategy: How to Play Your Way to Cash Rewards

When it comes to video poker, a good strategy is crucial. Whether you’re a new player in need of some start-up advice or a more experienced player wishing to change the way you play, you’ll be able to learn a few invaluable tips about forming a video poker strategy here.

video poker strategyMastering your video poker strategy

Video poker is a fun and rewarding casino experience, but you’ll want to do it right. To do it right, you’ll first need to understand the rules. Then, as with any other game, you’ll need to understand the importance of practice. A video poker strategy is crucial and, with the right strategy in mind, you could be winning big in no time at all. Read on for some helpful tips that will get you on your way to success!

Understand the pay-tables

Video poker is a little different from other casino games, and you’ll need to keep this in mind when forming the perfect video poker strategy. The main way this game differs is the fact that the casino in video poker tells you the payback amount. This amount is something you should have your eye on at all times, as it is basically there to help you win. Play the best pay-table you see available for the best winning opportunities.

Understand betting

A good video poker strategy involves smart betting. To be a smart better, you will want to bet the max amount of coins. This is important because some jackpots are only winnable to you if you bet the highest amount. So don’t be afraid to throw it all in! If you are paying attention to the pay-tables (and you should be) there’s no reason you won’t end up profiting.

Understand the machines

Keep in mind that machines are all controlled by random number generators. There won’t ever be one machine that is “luckier” than others—they’re all the same! If it feels like a particular machine is downright unlucky, it might just mean you need to brush up on your video poker strategy. Machines are not programmed to give you a certain streak of numbers—everything is random. Keep this in mind if you start to get frustrated.

Don’t drink too much!

If you want to perfect your video poker strategy, you’ll need to exclude alcohol from it. That’s right—this is one game you’ll need to play sober. Players who have had a little too much to drink often make poor decisions because they’re unable to think as clearly. You might go over your allotted gambling funds, throw good opportunities out the window, or simply make a fool of yourself. If you want to get the most out of video poker, be smart—keep a clear head. Additionally, try to avoid players who have been drinking. They’re more prone to violence, and you’re apt to find them extremely distracting.

video poker strategy

Communicate with experienced players

When you need advice on your video poker strategy, run it by the experts.  Additionally, ask other players what works best for them. They might be willing to offer their input. The internet is also full of advice and assistance for players who find themselves needing a bit of extra knowledge on video poker.

Keep in mind that you probably can’t do this for a living

Probably, that is. Is it possible? Sure, it’s possible. But a lot of people think that video poker guarantees them constant winnings because of the visibility of the pay-tables. Know that this isn’t usually the case. Those who do make a living from it know that video poker involves extreme discipline. You’ll need to think (and act) like a computer. You’ll need to play for hours at a time. You’ll need to resist all the temptations of alcohol in the process. Therefore, while it’s not impossible, it’s not wise to form your video poker strategy around the completely uncertain idea that you’ll be able to quit your job. Instead, form your strategy around a desire to have fun while being rewarded in the process.

Be aware of superstitions

Many casino games see their fair share of superstitious players, and video poker is no exception. The most important thing to know regarding superstition is that it could negatively affect your video poker strategy…if you let it, that is. Realize that all machines are the same, and will behave the same. Know also that luck really isn’t involved in video poker; why would superstition be? After all, poker is upfront with you—the pay-tables are right there! Focus on what you know, and don’t concern yourself with other players’ hearsay.

Familiarize yourself with video poker statistics

You’ll probably want to know how frequently—or infrequently—you might be able to get a certain jackpot. Fortunately, this information is readily available online. The more information you have, the more you can factor into your strategy.

Test your skills

Online websites dedicated to video poker offer a few things to up-and-coming video poker players. First, they outline the basics. They’ll tell new players everything they need to know and what they need to watch out for. Second, they provide players with a few games to test their video poker knowledge and skills. This can be extremely useful when it comes to altering and practicing your video poker strategy. Take advantage of these sites and what they have to offer before you go diving into the real world of video poker.

Play at a decent venue

A casino is like any other established business—there will be good ones, and there will be bad ones. Make sure you’re going to a good one! That means well-mannered staff, players who abide by the rules (which are hopefully enforced by the casino) and machines that function as they should. Avoid a machine if its buttons don’t seem to be working to the best of their ability.

Know your limits

When forming your video poker strategy, make sure you know your limits. Know how much you’re willing to spend in terms of both money and time! A doable strategy will be made around these limits and won’t make you exceed what you’re comfortable with.

Practice, practice, practice!

Video poker is repetitive. Therefore, you’ll have to dedicate a lot of time to what will no doubt feel like the same old routine. However, practice makes perfect. If you continue to test your skills, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get a bit of profit in return.