If you have been thinking about diving headfirst into the online gambling or online casino world, the odds are pretty good that you have already begun to look at different platforms to get started with.
Obviously, different online casinos have different benefits (and drawbacks) to offer each and every one of the people that play on their platform – but one of the most important features that you’re going to want to look for is which of the major gaming software solutions their entire platform is built on the back of.
There are multiple platforms out there to pick and choose from, but one of the very best of the best (recognized internationally as a top-tier online casino software and winner of dozens and dozens of industry awards) would have to be Microg aming.
Powering more than 120+ casinos online already (and powering dozens and dozens more every single year), it’s easy to see why so many people decide to choose Microgaming to set up the casino that they are running.
We are going to break down some of the benefits of setting up new Microgaming casinos today, while at the same time providing you with a bit of insider information as to why you’re going to want to make sure that you try to ALWAYS play on an online casino that is built on the back of this particular software setup.
Shall we jump right into the meat and potatoes of this guide?
Here we go!

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1 Jackpot City $1600 Review
2 Spin Palace $1000 Review
3 Royal Vegas C$1200 Review
4 All Slots Casino C$1600 Review
5 Casino Cruise CAD1000 Review

microgamingUnderstanding the basics of the Microgaming platform

Originally launched in 1994 as part of the world’s first online casino, this platform – Microgaming – had been being designed, developed, and engineered for months and months before it’s all its public release.
Focusing first on three major things (gaming options, safety/security, and overall ease of use), this particular casino really started the entire industry and helped it get off on the right foot with the general public.
Almost everything about the initial Microgaming platform has been overhauled completely, with the exception of that focus on those three critical details.
Today, new Microgaming casinos showcase hundreds and hundreds of gaming options, the latest and greatest safety and security features, and a user interface (on a traditional laptop or computer – OR your mobile device) that is ridiculously simple to use even for first time visitors.
This is why Microgaming has been able to stay ahead of the rest of the pack with relative ease, and why they are so widely recommended for those that want to establish their very own online casino today.
Let’s get into some of the more nitty-gritty details as to why people choose this platform overall other contenders.

An elite catalog of games

One of the biggest reasons that so many people decide to go with this particular software (outside of the “Microgaming no deposit bonus” available in so many installations) is that you – the player – will have instant access to well over 300+ casino games from the moment that you log in.
A big chunk of these titles are incredibly innovative slot machines that feature retro inspired stylings all the way up to incredibly modern “puzzle solving” casino games that you won’t find anywhere else. The slot machines that this software produces are groundbreaking across the board, but they also have some of the lowest “house advantages” you’re going to find anywhere online.
This doesn’t guarantee that you’ll ever be able to hit that big jackpot (Microgaming always has the availability to turn on a progressive jackpot, with some services getting up to $3.3 million or higher before someone finally hits), but it definitely gives you a bit of an advantage you would not have had otherwise.
But this particular platform is not just about slot machines – not even the officially licensed slot machines that have become so ridiculously popular with new Microgaming casinos.
No, this platform also offers hundreds and hundreds of table stakes style games (poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, etc.), and even allows Canadian (or other international) players to go head to head against real participants – not just pigeonholing them into playing against the computer and potentially getting wiped out by an unfair algorithm.

What’s so great about Microgaming?

One of the biggest features that so many new Microgaming casinos really try to showcase is the implementation of the “progressive jackpot”.
Most of the online casinos out there that run this software have already taken the time to implement this progressive jackpot scheme. The way it works is rather simple and straightforward – and amazingly lucrative for whoever hits it!
The jackpot starts off at an arbitrary number (usually hundred thousand dollars or more), and then it begins to accumulate money from all of the networked games that are established on that casino. When you play a networked game and lose, a portion of that money gets added to the progressive jackpot (along with everyone else’s money), and the pot grows larger and larger until finally someone busts their bank account by landing that incredible jackpot!
Microgaming is also a big pioneer in the online mobile casino platforms that have started to spring up, going so far as to establish a “template” that other casinos can build their applications off of. They know that mobile computing (and mobile user use) is going through the roof, and that without a proper mobile casino application they’d end up losing a lot of market share that they probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

What people aren’t crazy about with MicroGaming

There’s only really one thing that people really aren’t that wild about when it comes to the Microgaming platform (and it isn’t the Microgaming no deposit bonus that almost every new user receives) – it’s the fact that the casino software itself is rather large, and a bit antiquated.
A lot of other online casinos have shifted to browser-based only online casino networks, but the Microgaming platform is still software-based. Downloading the full version can really put your computer in a bit of a head block, but there is a lightweight “flash version” that you can grab that is considerably easier on your system.
It’s just something to think about!