playtechA lot of people are surprised to learn that their favorite online casino is running the exact same software that hundreds of other casinos are just beneath the surface, a “backbone” software solution that is identical across the board.
However, just about every single major online casino on the planet today – and most of the minor ones too, for that matter – run one of three or four different software solutions, with the most popular of the bunch arguably be PlayTech.
Certainly one of the oldest and most established online casino software solutions out there, PlayTech was originally released to the general public in 1999 after working and collaborating with a number of legendary “real world” casinos to find a way to create an authentic online experience.
Since that time, they have continued to partner up with some of the most recognized traditional casinos around the globe, always trying to find new ways to make the online casino experience that gamblers and players enjoy just a bit better, just a bit more authentic, and just a bit more exciting.
So far they have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success, thanks in large part to the fact that they listen not only to their traditional casino partners when they make changes to the platform but also because they listen to players.
You’ll find that this system, this software, and this overall platform is probably the most authentic and glamorous of the bunch – but that it’s also one of the deepest, more robust, and flexible platforms as well.
If you have been searching for a new online casino to play, you’re going to want to verify that they are running PlayTech software just beneath the surface!

Overall user experience

The first thing that you are going to notice about just about every single PlayTech casino out there is just how well designed the user interface and “players lobby” inevitably ends up being.
The designers behind this particular software have spent years and years trying to find the best possible blend of aesthetics and user experience, working double overtime to create an online casino platform that is as fun to play as it is attractive.
Spending a boat load of money on graphic design, licensing all kinds of audio and video elements, and even building from scratch multiple gaming interfaces to be used exclusively on the PlayTech platform, they have gone above and beyond to create the ultimate digital casino experience.
There’s a reason why so many of the major platforms out there decide to choose Playtex software as their foundation, and why so many major services and operations out there recommend it to just about everyone that will listed.
The graphics are jaw-dropping, the details are always taken care of, and the aesthetics never get in the way of the user experience. Everything is designed to create a very certain trigger in players (just the same way that traditional casinos are built and designed), and you’re going to appreciate the attention to detail.

A deep library of games

The second thing that you’re going to love about PlayTech is that it offers more than 500+ gaming titles in their library, and they are adding even more on a routine basis.
Initially starting off with one of the largest gaming libraries in 1999 (with about 50 games available – laughable by today’s standards, but back then it was a revolution), they have consistently added an insane amount of new titles to the mix every chance they get – and today they have one of the largest (if not the largest) library you’ll find at any online casino.
Many of the games that they have to offer in their catalog are built from scratch, but a lot of them are licensed from traditional casino partners or even outside sources.
They have been able to partner up with big time companies like Marvel, Hollywood movie studios and television production companies, and a host of other content creators to build online gaming options from those properties that are instantly recognizable by millions.
They have the exclusive license to X-Men slot machines, Iron Man 2 slot machines, and a number of other “classics” you have probably enjoyed playing if you’ve ever been to Las Vegas.
This just adds another layer of realism to the mix that few other software casino options out there even bother to consider, making it all about the immersion once again.

The quality of the games is never sacrificed

An important detail to remember though is that even though PlayTech has more than 500+ gaming titles in their library, quality is never sacrificed at any point in time.
All of these games are accessible as a standalone download package or through the online browser casino-based platform – but you’ll also have the opportunity to play them on the just recently released mobile application available on the iOS and Android platforms.
Having the ability to connect to each and every one of the five water plus games at any point in time is a major selling point for the PlayTech online casino software platform, and online casino services absolutely love the freedom and flexibility that all of this helps them provide their users and members.

What people love about PlayTech

If there was just one thing that we had to select to recognize as the most beloved aspect of the PlayTech platform, it would have to be there for reaching partnerships and licensing agreements with major pop-culture and business icons.
It really helps to cement this online gaming and gambling world in reality, whereas most of the other online platforms out there never really bridge that gap.

What people aren’t all that crazy about

Because it is such a widely spread and widely used platform, PlayTech has had a bit of difficulty policing all of the online casinos that take advantage of this software.
Though the overwhelming majority of these services are completely and totally legitimate, it’s a good idea to choose only to move forward with those that you know are reliable and reputable – those that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you’re able to trust.
There are ways to do your due diligence and research about any online casino you decide to will forward with, and you’ll want to take advantage of them before you sign up and start playing.