Live blackjack – the most exciting way of playing casino games

There was a time when the traditional gambling platform became old-fashioned before the online casino gaming option. And today, it is the time, when the online casinos have also become backdated since the software generated and operated games simply could not offer the excitement, fun and thrill that real-time gaming offered. That is the reason why, the live gaming platforms have come into being and are so much loved by the users all over the world. One of the most played gambling games in this platform is live blackjack. It is more than just a digital image of a blackjack table that you could so far see on your computer screen; the live gaming option will let you enjoy the game with the same fun of having the in-person gaming setup right in front of your eyes.

Players from across the globe will be playing live blackjack with you on the same table and a real time dealer will be placing the bets and dealing the game. You can communicate with the dealer and enjoy your favourite blackjack game that has been on the top of the priority list of gamblers from different ages and blackjack

How does live blackjack work?

Live blackjack is an altogether different genre of the gaming experience in which only the gaming rules are the same and nothing else. However, if you skip the factor of fundamentals, you will find a whole different arena of gaming and fun experience. This is the best platform that a player can enjoy from the comforts of his or her home.

All those players from across the globe, who wanted to enjoy the fun and thrill of the gambling games right from the comforts of their homes, can utilize this live blackjack platform. Without any need to leave the home premises, you will be able to enjoy the game. Whereas, if you have been missing the opportunity to communicate with other players and the fun of a live blackjack table at a casino, then this is what you must choose.

This platform provides the players with a chance to communicate with the dealer to have verbal chats. Not only the dealer, but the other players can also communicate with each other, with the help of a simple microphone. If you have a steady internet connection and a computer with a good camera, you will be able to see the dealer and communicate with him or her.

However, there is always another factor that is associated with the live blackjack system and that is due to the online and live video streaming costs, the stakes that are seen at live tables, will be different in this system. The difference will always indicate higher wages or stakes. Not only the stakes, but also the playable hand per hour will be lower than the online and standard table. When you play the game at a live casino, you will be given the opportunity to choose the dealer, but not the table as all the tables have the same interface.

Advantages of live blackjack

The basic difference of the live blackjack with the traditional and previously popular online blackjack sites itself proves the biggest advantage of this mode of gaming. As you will be able to enjoy a live streaming of the gambling game via a webcam, it will give you an even better real-time experience. Here, you will be able to communicate and chat with the other players and dealers. Apart from these advantages, the others also include:

  • You will be playing with the safest live casino sites. These have real time and real life dealers who will be conducting the game right in front of your eyes and will be shuffling the cards in front of your eyes. This will give you the peace of your mind that there will be no manipulation on the shuffling.
  • These offer simple banking options that will help you to place your bets and easy payouts.
  •  You will get amazing amount of welcome as well as deposit bonus that will help you to play the live blackjack for longer, with one time investments.
  • The basic concern with the non-live blackjack casinos that they can be fraudulent and not honour you with the withdrawal amount of money simply disappears with these live casinos as you can be relaxed to play with serious and real-time dealers and not some random computer generated software.

How to play live blackjack

The rules of live blackjack are the same with the traditional blackjack. The aim is to make a hand that scores a total of 21 and not more than that. The advantage of the casino or the dealer for this game is that it is always the player, who has to hit at first and not the dealer. Hence, if the total of the cards reaches more than 21, the game is over, the player losing the money. Even if the dealer two has a total score of more than 21, still the player will lose.

The number cards have their own value, the face cards have a value of 10 and an ace is counted as 11, if the total is less than 21. Otherwise, the ace is considered to have a value of 1. As long as you can risk and don’t get close enough to 21, you can draw more cards.

Where to play live blackjack ?

There are many online and live blackjack casinos that you can choose in order to play the game. It will give you the opportunity to enjoy the game in the most secure and safest way. The best sites also offer huge bonuses and payouts within a very short period of time. You can go through the available options and choose the right site.


Blackjack is one of the most popular games that can help you to use your statistical strategies to manipulate the outcomes. As you have the cards, you can calculate the other cards that can possibly come to you or the dealer might have. No doubt, live blackjack will satiate your desire for thrill and fun.