Live casino overcome the disadvantage of online casino

There has been a tremendous growth in gambling through online casinos over the last decade. However, there has been one area worth noticing in which online casinos have struggled to compete with land casinos with dealers. While online casinos are virtually unbeatable as far as convenience, games on offer and bonuses is concerned, they fail to provide the gamblers with the same kind of social experience that is provided land based casinos. Thus, gamblers who play live casino games for social aspects were left unsatisfied. Fortunately though, with the advent of live casino, the online casinos has somewhat overcome this particular disadvantage of theirs. Live casinos bring real casino dealers right to the screen of your computer.

Certain innovations have been made by the online casino developers to offer live dealer casinos to the gamblers. They make use of fast improving streaming technologies, allowing the real dealers to connect to you and communicate with you through web cams. These real human dealers interact with tables and cards that players can monitor via streaming video. This had closed the gap between real land based casino and online casinos. Thanks to live casino, now players can have a true casino experience directly from their home via a computer.

live casino

How Live Dealer Games Work

When one looks at it for the first time, live casino seem to be very much similar to the standard game of online casino which most people are familiar with. On the end of the player, there is an interface which handles several functions of the game, including the table layout, player’s chips and buttons for placing bets and other such functions which are part of the game. As a matter of fact, if one only considers the area of the screen displaying live dealer and physical table being used by dealer, people might even not be able to say whether the game being played is a typical game of online casino or a live game.

The main difference lies in just one particular area of the screen, where a real person is visible called the live dealer. This person manages the game you play, just like an actual dealer does in an original land casino. In fact, they perform all the tasks that a real dealer would perform. They spin the wheel for you if you are playing a game of roulette whereas they shall deal out the cards if you play blackjack. All the dealers of live casino games can be interacted with and you can ask them any question you want. The dealer is either located at a casino owned set or sometimes, even in an actual casino venue. Whatever the case may be, the table is real, and likewise al the game elements that are used for determining the results of every hand or spin.

It is quite obvious that live casino games are comparatively a new innovation. Not all the online casinos have yet implemented this feature. If an online casino has this feature, it should be clearly and prominently displayed on the front page of the website. This is certainly a feature that every casino would want to advertise. The game variety available with live dealer is very much limited, however you would get the games that you expect. Online blackjack and roulette are popular choices of casino games with real dealers. Other games that can be found under this category include sic bo and baccarat.

live casino

Advantages of Live Dealer Casino

There are many aspects of live casino that makes them so much popular among players of online casino. These games make use of a real gambling device instead of utilizing a random number generator. This fact itself is reason why some players prefer these games. Even through games based on random number generator provide absolutely random and fair results, some people prefer the more traditional methods of determining losers and winners. Use of physical equipment also means that there us a chance of error or biases giving players an advantage. However, this is highly unlikely that it will happen.

Another huge advantage of live casino is that they provide the social aspect of the casino. This social aspect was missing in standard games of online casinos, which was its huge drawback. Almost all such games having real dealers allows its players to interact with the dealer and ask questions that you may want to. In fact, if you are so inclined, you might even chat a bit with the dealer. The dealers are not only trained to perform all game related task such as flipping cards in right order and spinning wheel, they also ensure that players are provided a welcoming environment. This provides for an enjoyable experience with live dealer casinos, regardless of your win or loss. This is probably the biggest difference between a regular online casino and live dealer casino.

Casino games featuring real dealer also act as a great way of learning how to play. This can be typically advantageous if you are new to online casino gambling. The dealers are instructed by the online casino to be as helpful to the players as possible. Live casino dealers are always ready to teach the rules of a game and provide instructions to the gamblers. So, if you are new to a game, you should look to join such games and ask the dealer any question or query that you might have. For instance, if you have never played blackjack online before and want to know how to do so, there is no better person than a live blackjack dealer to learn the game from.


The bottom line of live casino is that they take online casinos to a different level, meanwhile overcoming the disadvantage that the standard casino games had over real land casino games. It is something that every player of online casino should try out. If you have not yet taken advantage of them, you should definitely do so in near future. It will surely provide a unique and exciting experience.