Trying to find an online solution that allows you to easily deposit funds into your online gambling account, and then allows you to even more easily withdrawal your winnings to a bank account or major credit card, is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as it probably should be.
This is, in large part at least, because there are so many different international rules and regulations governing both the digital transfer of money and online gambling and gaming – and when you try and juggle all of those rules and regulations on your own you end up with a real mess on your hands.
Thankfully, there are services like ClickAndBuy that take all of the hassle and headache out of the money transfer equal vision completely.
This service (and a handful of others) gives you the ability to easily transfer money back and forth from your bank account or major credit card to an online casino and then back again (with your winnings almost immediately deposited into an account of your choosing) – pretty much the perfect set up for those that really get into online gambling and gaming.

What is the ClickAndBuy service all about?

Essentially established as a digital payment processor in the same mold as PayPal and a handful of others, ClickAndBuy gives you the ability to quickly and almost effortlessly transfer funds from an account that you “attach” to your online casino and then back again – with just a couple of business days delay in between on withdrawals.
Essentially an e-wallet processor, you’ll be able to use this payment gateway to secure each and every one of your transactions and to guarantee that your personal and private information stays exactly that – personal and private.
Is the ClickAndBuy service safe to use for online gambling purposes?
You had better believe it is!
Completely regulated by the FSA in the United Kingdom and taking advantage of the most cutting edge safety and security technology/protocols (including 256 bit encryption and full SSL security certificates), you and your private information will always be completely protected and kept out of harm’s way.
You’ll never have to disclose any personally identifying information that you don’t feel comfortable with, but will still have the ability to move funds around digitally and almost instantly – as often and as regularly as you would like.

Am I going to have complete control over my money when using Click And Buy?

On top of all the other benefits that you’ll enjoy when you decide to move forward with ClickAndBuy, you’ll also have the ability to add multiple payment methods to your account (direct debits, regularly scheduled debits and withdrawals, instant bank transfers, transfers to your credit card or to a prepaid debit card, etc.), which will provide you with instant access and complete control over your money.
If you have ever been nervous about trusting in online casino to actually pay you out your winnings when you want to gain access to them, sign up for a ClickAndBuy and allow them to guarantee that you’ll have your money when you want it!