Even though a lot of people out there are under the impression that there are only a couple of ways to fund online gambling and gaming accounts in Canada, literally nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, it’s not exactly as easy to fund an online gambling account as it is to walk into a “traditional” casino, throw down a couple of stacks of cash, whip out your credit card, or create a transfer between your bank and the casino and then hit the tables or the slots – but it’s not a whole lot more difficult, either. That’s thanks in large part to e-wallet services like EcoCard, a 24/7 all digital payment processor that allows you to get your online gambling account funded and gives you the opportunity to withdraw your winnings as well.
If you are thinking about getting into the world of online gambling but want to make sure that you’ll be able to play with real money – and pull out your winnings whenever you want to – you’re going to want to check out the EcoCard service.

What is the EcoCard platform all about?

As mentioned above, EcoCard is a 100% digital e-wallet service, kind of like a PayPal alternative.
One of the most reliable and reputable digital payment processors there are (used by millions and millions of people all over the planet every single day to transfer hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of currency annually), you are going to be perfectly safe and protected when you choose this digital payment processor as your online casino funding service.
You’ll be able to attach your online casino account to EcoCard, which in turn is attached to a variety of different funding sources, and before you know it you’ll be able to deposit and withdrawal money to and from your online casino account without any real effort whatsoever.

Are there any advantages to using EcoCard as a funding solution for online gaming and gambling?

There are a bunch of advantages to moving forward with EcoCard as your online funding source, but the number one advantage has to be the fact that you’ll have complete and total control over your money every single step of the way.
You’ll be able to dictate just how much money is deposited into your online gambling accounts but also you’ll be able to dictate how regularly or how frequently you withdraw your money as well – giving you the ability to pull out your winnings whenever you feel like it.
Combine that with the fact that your personal, private, and payment details will always stay completely secure and kept away from prying eyes thanks to the security and encryption services provided by EcoCard, and you’re looking at a real winner here!

What’s the final verdict on the EcoCard?

You are going to be almost overwhelmed with the different payment processor options available to you to get your online gambling account up and running.
However, if you want to be completely protected, enjoy complete control, and have the ability to get access to your winnings when you want them, you’ll want to sign up for EcoCard and attach it to your online account just as quickly as you can.