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Slots Features

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Why don’t you try playing the Aliens slot game? One of the most enticing features of the game is the ability to move them through different levels that can improve the duration of playing the game. With the fast bonus rounds, there is a possibility of enjoying added winning opportunity. Albeit can end up as quickly as marine is dropped down by face hugger once few steps are taken down. It is the first person corridor style game. Along with successive level there is a great option for multipliers available and so wining gets improved.

aliensMarine should make all its way to Queen’s hive and you will come across with Ripley’s nemesis that is armed with grenade launcher. If you have the luck, then you can easily take down Queen and win huge payday.

How to play Aliens

The game has many things to offer to players. So, once you start playing, there is no other way apart from getting addicted towards it. If you are now ready to take up alien beasts, then it’s time to start game! Before, jumping into action, learn about ways to perform game smoothly. Here are few help available:

• “I”: If a player wants to know more about the game, then it is necessary to push this button and read through the lines that appear on screen.
• Arrow: It is a huge button that comes in the middle of screen spins.
• Coin value: it comes with +/- signs; now toggle bet level along with the two buttons available.
• Bet level: Press the button to increase or lower the credit numbers that has been delivered on line per pay line.

Auto play is also an option that is commonly found in every game. With such an innovative feature the player can sit back and enjoy the game.

Prizes and symbols

  • Bonus game:

 It comes with Alien egg bonus which is known to be the popular among all slot games that are available. What interests the player is that you can get completely engrossed into frightening background sound. Alien eggs can be chosen easily and you have the chance to win prize money.

  • Character bonus:

 The other bonus option available is the character that appears on movie that moves around a ship. You will be able to explore suspense that revolves round the game. Some doors that are open may introduce to aliens and make sure to have an interesting experience.

  • Coin jackpot:

 It comes with three levels of game that you need to conquer. Once you win, there is a chance to enjoy 570,000 coins. Now, there is an opportunity to grab some cash!

aliens-slot-gameFinal thought

The Wild symbol found can easily substitute any other symbols available in this game. There is a chance of developing different winning combination. It comes with three levels and each level has its unique feature and prizes to offer. Players need to fight with aliens to win up rewards. But, in case the aliens defeat you, then a bonus round in introduced at the end of game and so, you have to start game once again.


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