Viking’s Treasure

Vikings Treasure
300% Up To C$350

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Not just fun or pleasure is the chief objective of online games. People like to go for them because of the thrills proffered by them. There are many online slots those are attached with these features and naturally they have been able to create spaces in the minds of their users or players. It’s needless to mention that they are more preferred than that of the brick and mortar casino games as they generally appear with a high level of the fun quotient and made-to-order features those add extra positive grandeurs to these slots. Viking’s Treasure is considered as one of such slots with many exciting characteristics inside it.

Viking’s Treasure is a thematic game which revolves around the ancient Scandinavian period and its background sound will help you to feel as if you are sailing on a Scandinavian ship of that period. As its name suggests, this game may create fascination among its players as it’s all about hidden treasure which have to be found out.

On this video slot, a player will be capable of meeting some of the Viking people and objects such as the king of the Vikings, some women, their usable horned helmets, axes, shields, etc. This is a 5 reel slot offered with 15 winning lines. To know more about Viking’s Treasure, you can look for a flash game which will allow you to play freely and then, you can have a complete and clear idea of this game.

How to play

Well, it doesn’t always offer you easy playing though on the other hand; its positive side includes the compatibility for which it can be played by any of your devices. However, some features, free spins, coin values, bet levels everything is there to make the way for playing Viking’s Treasure.

You are considered for choosing from 5 various bet levels while gambling with Viking’s Treasure. You can make a bet of 1 coin per win but at the same time can go for 5 also. Different coin values are also there including 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, and 50 cents also. The minimum and maximum bet levels’ value offer 0.30 euros and 37.50 euros correspondingly.

Symbols and Rewards:

This game obtains both the wild and scatter symbols where the butch Viking falls under the category of the former one and diamonds, jewellery and money act for the later classification. The wild symbol can replace all the other symbols just without the scatters. Winning with such symbol may be amount to double and they can be up to 10,000 whereas the free scatter symbols are there to multiply your winning. After fetching three or more scatters, you would have 15 free spins as a prize. Keep in mind that all you winnings during this free spins method will be tripled.

Final verdict

To make a conclusion, it can certainly be remarked that Viking’s Treasure is a unique option for replacing and exhibiting an electrifying ambience throughout. Ample of positive features can help you to view those ancient days before your eyes on your computer screen.

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