Video slots are amongst the most exciting online casino offerings

video slots

Almost everyone knows about the attractions of online casino and how exciting it is to play favorite casino games from home. It is also known that online casinos offer a wide variety of games. Among these numerous games, one attraction which typically stands out are video slots. This type of game is best suited for players looking for games that can be learned easily. These games features every aspects of the popular video games, including top graphics, strategy and sound. The difference lies in the fact that these games offer real prizes, unlike the normal console games. Also, they have familiar and enthralling titles such as Tomb Raider and The Dark knight. With such options available, people can easily choose a game that best suits their interest. To add to that, this experience of playing out adventure comes with excitement of spinning slot machines for real cash.

Features of video slots

One aspect of video slots is that they might be easy to learn, but they are equally engaging and exciting. They offer games that matches the interest of most of the players. This is why they a huge favorite among the online casino players. Since they are so attractive and engaging, people can easily spend hours and hours playing the games and being totally engaged.

The main reason behind slot machines being so engaging is that it provides the players to win some real money while they enjoy playing their favorite titles. If the reels of the slot machine stop at a specific position and they form winning patterns, players win huge cash prizes. The formation of winning pattern is much like winning a lottery, whereby the coins drop out of the machine if you win.

Difference between modern day slot machines and traditional machines

The modern day video slots machines are quite different from their predecessors, the 3 reel slot machines. The traditional slot machines have just 3 slots, thus the winning patterns are sort of limited and lesser play options are available. This is where the modern slot machines are a bit different. Instead of 3 reel slots, these machines offer 5 reel slots, meaning more pay lines are available. Despite the winning principles being much similar to traditional machines, players are allowed to choose different playing options such as multiple choice games and bonus games.

The video slots nowadays are the evolutionary machines featuring 5 reel variation. The construction of these machines are more complex, thus offering more ways of playing and winning. These slot machines feature more paylines than their predecessors, which generally range around 20 to 30. On certain occasions, they can even support as much as hundred winning lines. Often, they also feature simulating bonus rounds. These rounds normally feels further more like the general video games, furthermore the players are also provided further chances of winning more money.

Special symbols in these games

Some symbols that are found on reels of video slots are very much familiar to the players of traditional slot machines. The standard symbols of 10, A, Q, K and J are generally featured in the games, but certain symbols are there that either operate differently as compared to 3 reel machines or are specifically unique to modern games of slot games. Some such symbols include:

  • Wild: Wild symbols are bonus pieces that can be used by players as symbols that can stand in in place of any different symbol on board. Thus, wild symbols allow players to create even more winning combinations. For example, if the requirement of winning spin for a player is three 10s, the player can use a wind symbol along with two 10s, they will still be earning winnings. Furthermore, players are allowed to use stacked symbols, which helps them to connect to further more paylines.
  • Scatter: In Video slots, scatter symbols can also be helpful for the players as they can at any point on a board. There is no need to necessarily align them to a payline. By this, scatter symbols can either provide an entry into bonus game or free game, or directly to cash payouts.
  • Multipliers: There are multiple ways by which these symbols may work. Some of these are exclusive symbols that can be placed instead of other symbols and also multiply the winnings of a player. Other multiplier symbols are very useful in free spin games, as they have capability of doubling or even tripling the payouts.

Free play option

Almost every online casinos nowadays offer their players a free play option with video slots. Players should be looking for utilizing the free play variation to its fullest. This can be typically helpful if you are new to slot machine games and do not know how these machines work. By playing the games for free, you get to know how the entire setup works and the number of paylines. You also get to know how the bonus games work. Since bonus games often provide players with huge rewards, it is important that you understand their working before you start playing. This can be typically advantageous and might help you in winning huge cash.

Games offered

Some of the popular video slots games available nowadays include Hitman, Thunderstruck II and Bug Kahuna. When you choose a casino offering 5 reel slots, it is advisable that you go for casinos in which the games are an adaptation from pop culture- movies and TV shows. Some of the best games based on pop culture include Hellboy and Tomb Raider. In these games, people can see their favorite movie characters in action, thus providing an additional touch for the players.


To conclude everything, if you want a complete experience of Las Vegas from the comfort of your home, there is probably no better way other than to play video slots. These high quality games offer a thrilling experience by offering you a chance of winning real cash. With the type and quality of games that most of the top online casinos offer, you can choose to play any game that you wish to.